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Support Forum 

Looking for Support?  Visit our online Forum. We have a plethora of software experts, developers, and community members all waiting to share their knowledge with you.  Click the thumbnail for more information. 

IRC Chat

If you prefer a traditional text based chat room, We have you covered. 

Using internet relay chat ( IRC ) you can connect to our chat room from any IRC client.  Or you can use our built in IRC web app by clicking the thumbnail to the right.  Simply Type in a name, and the channel you wish to join. and you're in.   

Channel : #techcafe


Mumble Voice Chat

Our Mumble chat server offers a voice chat service, where you can speak directly to members of the Tech Cafe' Community, Listen to Podcast, Or just shoot the breeze. This is our primary hub for connecting with other members and developers of the community. Feel free to join us in chat any time. To see detailed instructions on how to set up access to our Mumble sever, click the image the right for a short video tutorial.


Label:      Tech Cafe'


Port:        47771

User:       "Your name here"  

Video Chat

We also have a free video Chat Room similar to Google hangouts.

This is cross platform and works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and also

Works on Mobile. Just use the Mobile version of Chrome on Android, and there is an app available for iOS.  All are welcome to use this room as your own, Members of the community regularly appear in this room,

so stay tuned, Click the thumbnail for more information. 

Discord Server

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming and other online communities. This service combines text, voice, and video chat for a one stop shop chat room experience. Click the image to enter our server or use the below URL with your Discord App.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel provides non biased tech related Tutorials, How to Videos and Software reviews.  Subject matter Includes Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and More.   Click the thumbnail for more information. 

Distro Listings 

Hunting for that perfect Distro?  Look no further then

An up and coming Distro Listing Site created by the Members of the CupOfLinux Community.  All are welcome here. Click the thumbnail for more information. 

Matt's Computer Repair and Merch Store

Matthew Moore's very own computer diagnostic and repair service, software development and consulting. Also educational repair videos and guides. Have a problem with your computer? is your software not working right? Or do you simply need help with your own repairs or development? Visit the site today, for all your computer repair and development needs.  

If you would like to Support the Linux Community, Tech Café, The Software Developers, YouTube Show Host, and website maintainers that make what we do possible. feel Free to make a donation. Every little bit helps. :) 

Site Maintainer: Matthew Moore.  [email protected]